About the Blog

I’ve had this idea for a blog during the past few months at uni. I’m a law student and I struggle to grasp the concept of cases when they’re just written down in a textbook. I thought it could be easier to understand if I could apply it to a real life situation. If I could talk to the people the law really affects, I could engage with the course more – and I need to!

I’ve been naughty with this, I promised myself, my parents and my boyfriend that I wouldn’t concentrate on this until after my exams. But this is definitely more productive than a Netflix binge right? I’ve been looking at the latest fashion law stories and they are so much more interesting than anything in my equity revision notes.

I wanted a fashion law blog because I’m studying intellectual property in my third (and final) year at uni in September. Not only am I writing this blog to better understand the course, but I also want to use it as an opportunity to learn more about the fashion industry.

The basic idea for the blog is this: I review the latest fashion law cases, focusing mainly on IP, but also on contracts and employment within the industry. Then, I will find small fashion labels both in Brighton (where I live) and Shoreditch (my second home). I will ask the owners/designers if these cases affect the way the create and market their fashion pieces. Meeting the designers will bring me closer to the law in a way a lecture can’t and I hope I learn a lot about blogging in the process.